Meet the Founders of Inclusive Jewelry

The fruition of Esther Tow’s decades of experience in the jewelry industry.  Tired of seeing the middlemen profit at the expense of both the craftspeople and the consumers, she is helping to build a bridge directly between the jewelry wearer and jewelry maker.  These well-established connections plus her expertise in quality and authenticity means a better product, made by the best in the business, at a more affordable price.

Esther Tow, started from humble origins, raised in Long Island, New York by Chinese immigrant parents who owned a laundry, she grew up with a strong sense of hard work and an appreciation for aesthetic.  Her career started on 7th avenue where she worked for several fashion companies in retail, merchandising, sales, and supply chain.  After ten years, she decided to pivot and seize new opportunity; leading her to open a successful coffee kiosk for eight years.  There she incorporated her skills of design and was able to connect with people on a deeper level.  These experiences led her to the jewelry industry and brought her all over the world, introducing her to new cultures and experiences.

Tiffany Wong, is the Creative Director for Inclusive Jewelry. She is the daughter of Esther’s childhood family friend who grew up in New Jersey. Tiffany has many years of experience in the fashion and creative design industry working for big luxury accessory brands and brings the brand to life in creative design, web design, marketing, photography and social media for Inclusive Jewelry.



We, at Inclusive Jewelry, believe that fashion has always been a powerful tool for self-expression.  It’s a way to be creative, joyful and foster connections between people.  We want our jewelry to create spaces for everyone to be who they are with beautiful, well made, and affordable pieces.

The artists, craftsman and suppliers are people we know and trust.  We choose who to work with not just based on quality, but ethical sourcing and fair work conditions.  Buying an Inclusive piece means you are supporting a community of small, independent artists and expert makers.

We hope that by doing so we can help make the world a more beautiful place, more inclusive to all.


The design process starts in New York City with a simple sketch but it’s more than meets the eye.

Designing jewelry is inspired by many emotions; the desire for beauty, the need for acceptance, and the want to display commitment. At Inclusive Jewelry, we are inspired by traditions, architecture, and cultures. 

We like to think that the finished product is more than just a piece of Jewelry, it has a story to tell.