Esther Tow started from humble origins, raised in Long Island, New York by Chinese immigrant parents who owned a laundry, she grew up with a strong sense of hard work and integrity.  When she was child, she was that student who was always doodling in the back of the classroom. She knew she had a knack for creativity. 

She started her career at Macy’s Herald Square, where she developed sales and interpersonal skills, leading her to become a Manager.  After Macy’s she realized that she loved fashion and became a clothing merchandiser for several renowned designers. 

She decided to follow her father’s footsteps and open up her own business.  Esther decided to open and operate a coffee bar for eight years.

Esther eventually returned to fashion, but this time jewelry.  She first took a sales job in a fine jewelry company.  That was the major impetus for her life and it brought her all across Asia and Europe.  She reignited her passion for fashion and design but this time, it felt more natural.

Throughout her life journey, she tries to give back and do meaningful things that will help people. This led her to launch Inclusive Jewelry, to create custom designs with ‘meaning’. 

The aim is simple, we are creating spaces for everyone to be who they are. 


Tiffany Wong, is the Creative Director for Inclusive Jewelry. She is the daughter of Esther’s childhood family friend who grew up in New Jersey. Tiffany has many years of experience in the fashion and creative design industry working for big luxury accessory brands and brings the brand to life in creative design, web design, marketing, photography and social media for Inclusive Jewelry.



Esther was tired of working for somebody else’s dream.  Back in the early 2000s, the fashion and jewelry industry at times was not always the best in fostering a nurturing environment for its employees.  Also, there were periods where it felt like the brand identity was not aligned with Esther’s ideas for helping people. 

These were learning experiences.  Esther felt that she wanted to create something with a story that could bring people from all different cultures, ethnicities, genders, together as one. 

She envisioned creating demi-fine jewelry at affordable prices that were made under fair working conditions.

We hope that by doing so we can help make the world a more beautiful place, more inclusive to all.


The design process starts in New York City with a simple sketch but it’s more than meets the eye.

Designing jewelry is inspired by many emotions; the desire for beauty, the need for acceptance, and the want to display commitment. At Inclusive Jewelry, we are inspired by traditions, architecture, and cultures. 

We like to think that the finished product is more than just a piece of Jewelry, it has a story to tell.