Each of our jewelry pieces has a story to tell

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Spread Inclusivity

Inclusive Jewelry's mission is to create beautiful  pieces that allow you to express your true inner self.  We believe that beauty is inclusive and we are on a mission to empower and strengthen the world around us--one hash tag necklace and mandala bracelet at a time. Each thoughtful collection was created by our designer, Esther Tow, who collaborated with a diverse group of international suppliers to give you unique talismans that will remind you to celebrate life and all its joys. 

Hashtag Collection

Our hashtags are a collection of powerful words that encourage self-expression. When words are given the respect they deserve they evolve into our daily reminders, our mantras. 

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Inclusive World Collection

The Inclusive World Collection is for the wanderer in you, who knows that home is wherever you want it to be. Exploring the world gives us opportunities to connect and to leave our mark elsewhere. Show us where your travels have taken you! 

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A Picture Frame for your Jewelry

Our packaging box is a modern architectural design that has a clear silicon film that can hold AMY size jewelry and are air tight to prevent tarnishing. Light-weight and slim fit for easy storage! Perfect for Holiday Gifts! 

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