The mandala has long been a symbol for the universe - in sanskrit, the word quite literally translates to ‘circle’. This geometrical emblem has historically been used to represent one’s spiritual journey inwards, towards one's truest self. At first glance, the mandala seems to be a captivating image and impressive artwork. What many don’t realize is that mandala art starts from the center focal point, radiating outward through intentional patterns. The symmetrical balance that these figures send waves of calmness over people, but more than that, speak to individuals on a deeper level.
Historically speaking, the mandala has been used as a figure of enlightenment in east Asian religions and cultures. Buddhists and Hindus created mandala art with the purpose of demonstrating the eightfold path, each layer bringing individuals closer to their highest self. In Tibet, these images were used as tools of meditation. And today, mandalas are still intended to bring spiritual growth and peace to individuals, much in the same vein as they were utilized centuries ago.



Founder of Inclusive Jewelry, Esther Tow, began drawing mandalas with her niece, Gen, who was living in Madagascar and serving in the peace corp. Gen wanting to bring her some semblance of joy, Gen began creating these images, without internet, sometimes taking hours at a time to draw. Although this project had started with Gen, Esther soon realized that she wanted to share these beautiful creations with everyone and having had a previous career in product development, Esther knew she had the experience to bring these designs to life. In turning these pieces into fine jewelry, Esther would intentionally and carefully recreate the mandala designs using Modern 14kt tools with incredible precision, and cut these designs into sterling silver, creating the mandala bracelets and necklaces that we sell today.


Continuing the tradition of spiritual growth and rebirth, our modern mandalas represent journeys towards healing, balance, strength, exploration, beauty, and courage. At the surface level, this jewelry can bring you tranquility in the sort of meditative sense that it was intended for when it originated. 
But at a more spiritual level, it can guide you on your journey. Which mandala resonates with you?


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