Company Stance on Unity


In a horrific series of recent events, the Asian community has been victim to xenophobic and racist hate crimes. Elders in particular have been cruelly persecuted, from physical altercations to chemical attacks. In NYC alone, Asian hate crimes have catapulted 1900% from previous years. Esther Tow is the founder of Inclusive Jewelry. As an Asian American, these acts of hate strike deep for her.

America has a complicated history with the BIPOC community that has yet to truly be acknowledged, with Asian Americans rounding out as the third most racially targeted group. The upsetting actions of hateful individuals do not reflect the values of today’s America, nor the brand ideology of Inclusive Jewelry. Inclusive Jewelry denounces hate of any kind; the company’s sole intentions are to enact unity, inclusion, and community.

Unity is a power that cannot be shattered or dimmed. Inclusive Jewelry’s pieces are the representation of that power in the unified element of its jewelry design. Each wearer, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, are homogenous in their determination for an inclusive world.

Inclusive Jewelry’s steps to inclusion are to

acknowledge, educate, and unite.

Acknowledge the lived experiences of the Asian American community, and all minorities.

Educate people on BIPOC perspective and experience through resources and communication.
Unite all communities and peoples through acts of love and solidarity.

Inclusive Jewelry pledges lifelong commitment to unity, one bracelet at a time.


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